Lawrence & Pearson Associates is experienced at designing retirement plans or combination's of plans which meet the objectives of the employers with whom we work.  We will collect data and perform a series of analysis to determine the most appropriate plan or plans and provide a comprehensive report, including our recommendations.

The process of designing a retirement program varies from case to case.  In some cases we may simply be requested to prepare a proposal or a quote regarding the costs of a particular program (ie: a  401 (k) plan).  In other cases we may be requested to analyze and make recommendations regarding which plan or plans would best fit a particular situation.  In the latter case, we typically treat the design stage as a consulting engagement and therefore charge a fee. This helps to ensure that we provide an objective analysis, and gives the employer some flexibility to choose a service provider to install and administer the plan(s).

Once a decision is made regarding the type(s) of plan, we will discuss options with the employer/plan sponsor with respect to specific provisions of the plan.  After those decisions have been made we would then be available to provide services for installation of the plan(s).

If you would like a fee quote for design, installation and/or administration, please complete the Request for Proposal/Census Form in the RFP menu.