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Our country faced many challenges in 2008 – recession, high unemployment, and mortgage defaults, declining home values, credit crisis, bank failures, government bailouts, extreme oil price volatility, Ponzi schemes, etc.


These events may have also changed many people’s perception of retirement plans as Americans lost over $1 trillion in the value of their 401(k)s in 2008. The outlook for 2009 does not look much better as we try to recover from this economic turmoil.


However, many Americans still have reasons for hope.


In tough times like these, many businesses are faced with hard decisions. Organizations are carefully reconsidering almost every fundamental aspect of their retirement plans such as expenses, benefits, investments, design and administration.


Many have already decided to make the hard decision to suspend their employer contributions to retirement plans. Before making any of your own tough decisions, please feel free to contact me if there is anything you would like to discuss – even if it’s not about retirement plans.


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